Staff members co-authored an article for JHEOE on community-engaged scholarship.

Analytics of Prosperity

Kickoff meeting with UC Berkeley Blum Center staff members and Richard C. Blum, Sept. 13, 2013.

Seed Grant Proposals 2014

Thanks to All for Participating

Congratulations to the finalists!

Ma and Team: Advanced Solar Desalination Systems for the Sustainable Development of the San Joaquin Valley
Ojcius and Team: Pediatric Immune Response to Valley Fever
Balasubramaniam and Team: Improving Literacy Skills and Phonological Awareness

Our Mission

We catalyze improvement in quality of life for the least prosperous people of the San Joaquin Valley and Sierra Nevada, as well as for analogous regions around the globe, through research, innovation in deployable technology, transformational educational experiences and community partnerships.

Our Strategy

  • We help communities help themselves via mutual respect, reciprocity and commitment.
  • We connect young people’s shared passions to life-transforming opportunities that make a difference.
  • We leverage global parallels for shared learning and to link the next generation of world leaders.
  • We continually assess and improve the effectiveness of everything we do.